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The Independent Fire Code Specialist - Protecting Your Interests

The Independent Fire Code Specialist - Protecting Your Interests

Why Hire An Independent Inspector?

Compliance dates for the different occupancy types covered by Ontario Fire Code Retrofit have all passed. Fire Departments in Ontario are busy writing notices of violation or issuing court summons to property owners for contravention of the Retrofit provisions. Compliance is now expected.

Who Is Responsible?

The Fire Code clearly states that the Owner is responsible for complying with the requirements of the Code. Some fire departments heavy handed "you are guilty, prove your innocence" approach for enforcement of the Retrofit provisions, appears to be contrary to Canadian traditions and legal practices.

The Issue

The fire departments of Ontario employ excellent fire fighters, fire safety promoters and fire prevention educators. However, some very rigid enforcement policies that are driven by liability concerns, continue to cause anguish among apartment building and two dwelling unit building owners. The goal should be improved fire safety, not creating paperwork and a bureaucratic nightmare.

They are now taking a Zero Tolerance policy and taking many issues straight to prosecution. the property owner or prospective purchaser has very little recourse but to accept this heavy handed course of action.

The Solution

The Fire Guy, The independant Inspector who is qualified in Fire Code issues, is able to offer advice on the best method of attaining compliance, prior to the official involvement of the authorities, thereby eliminating the risk of prosecution.

It is becoming more imperative to ensure that any transactions involving multiple unit buildings have the assurances of compliance in Fire Code matters as well as all of the other concerns facing landlords. No longer can offers be comfortably written, without the services of The Fire Guy written in, just as the services of a Home Inspector are considered a necessity.

The Professional Realtor realizes that to protect his/her clients' interests and to reduce their own exposure to liability they will recommend the services of The Fire Guy. The price of this service will be recovered many times over in goodwill and make him/her look "Good."

Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Fire Code Inspector

Q: How Long Have You Been In Business?

A: Since 2002. Fire Code Inspectors come and go. The long time firms are here to stay. They'll be here if you have a question or problem down the road.

Q: What Are Your Inspector's Qualifications?

A: The industry is essentially unregulated. Any one can call themselves a Fire Code Inspector. Look for a company that belongs to appropriate associations. Inquire about their past experience and training.

Q: Can I follow along at the inspection?

A: Yes we'll actually encourage you to attend. This is a valuable experience for most home buyers. It is the perfect opportunity to ask questions. A knowledgeable inspector can discuss conditions and alternatives for compliance.

Q: Do You Do Repairs Or Recommend A Contractor?

A: It should be considered a conflict of interest for an inspector to recommend or refer a contractor to perform repairs. Your inspector should offer an unbiased opinion on the condition of the property and should not accept referral fees from anyone.

Q: How Long Does An Inspection Take?

A: A typical inspection and written report for a two unit dwelling takes approximately one hour.

Q: Do You Provide A Written Report?

A: Yes. Look for a company that will provide you with a written report upon completion of the inspection. No delay!

Q: Can We Contact You With Questions After The Inspection?

A: Certainly. Your inspector should be available to answer any question you may have after the inspection or after you move into the property.

Q: What Do You Look At?

A: The Ontario Fire Code Specifically addresses five areas of life safety.

Q: Do you share this information with anyone else?

A: We work only with the client who hires us. This information is confidential.

The goal is to identify any areas that will effect the life safety of occupants and concerns relating to Fire Code Compliance. This report should provide the concerned homeowner or prospective purchaser clear information on specific issues of non-compliance, if any and how to correct them. They should be left with "peace of mind" about their dream home and the knowledge to make an educated decision concerning what may be the single largest investment of their lives.

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The Fire Guy provides building compliance audits to assess, facilitate, implement, and maintain Ontario Fire Code compliance. We are Fire Code experts and our unique services provide building managers, and owners, with a thorough understanding of their responsibilities under the Fire Code. We serve all buildings regulated under the Ontario Fire Code. Many of our clients manage multi-dwelling residential, commercial and industrial buildings which require compliance assurance in general, as well as specific concerns. We will provide you with the quality of service you require in a timely fashion providing building owners and operators a wide range of fire prevention services and life safety requirements.

To Ensure Your Fire Code Compliance and Peace of Mind call The Fire Guy.

The Fire Guy is a Richmond Hill based firm serving the GTA and surrounding areas.