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The Independent Fire Code Specialist - Protecting Your Interests

The Independent Fire Code Specialist - Protecting Your Interests

Who We Are

The Fire Guy owner and inspector Paul Schuster with over 40 years experience gained from the ground up, starting as a firefighter and working in fire prevention for the last 17 years, and 18 years as The Fire Guy. Learning the causes of fire and what causes it to spread, naturally led into the prevention of fire and the development of the codes we use to-day and our Mission:

"To offer the very best in an advisory capacity to the public in all matters of fire safety and to ensure the highest degree of life safety in all our affairs."

We have been providing fire safety solutions to the residential and commercial industry since 1985 and through our active affiliations with such organizations as:

Continue to be able to offer the highest level of service in an advisory capacity to the concerned prospective and current property owner.

With our experience as "The Authority Having Jurisdiction" we are able to look at the picture from both sides and offer unique solutions to the problems encountered in the field to day.

We do not propose to do any of the required upgrades to attain compliance. We provide only an expert opinion on the status of a property in regards to Fire Code Compliance.

Our quality of work and our responsibility to our customers is confirmed by a significant fact: "The majority of our business is through referral."

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The Fire Guy provides building compliance audits to assess, facilitate, implement, and maintain Ontario Fire Code compliance. We are Fire Code experts and our unique services provide building managers, and owners, with a thorough understanding of their responsibilities under the Fire Code. We serve all buildings regulated under the Ontario Fire Code. Many of our clients manage multi-dwelling residential, commercial and industrial buildings which require compliance assurance in general, as well as specific concerns. We will provide you with the quality of service you require in a timely fashion providing building owners and operators a wide range of fire prevention services and life safety requirements.

To Ensure Your Fire Code Compliance and Peace of Mind call The Fire Guy.

The Fire Guy is a Richmond Hill based firm serving the GTA and surrounding areas.